Student Advisory Board, 2018-19

Our classes are designed with students for students by expert teachers. A key way we get student feedback is from our Student Advisory Board. Comprised of former fellows, our SAB gives us perspective on everything from curriculum to the courses we offer.

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Will Ahn

I am a current junior at Winston Churchill HS. I love learning about Molecular genetics, world history and even math—to a certain extent. The most interesting course that Kaleidoscope taught was the storytelling workshop where we could learn about creating a compelling narrative to intrigue and captivate our listeners. We also learned how to develop powerful questions to ask the unexpected and really make each other think about our responses. I loved this fellowship, and I hope you will too! 


Lyla Bhalla-Ladd

I am a sophomore at National Cathedral School. I figure skate, write for my school newspaper, and love to work on my blog in any spare time I can find. My favorite aspect of Kaleidoscope was the Economics 101 course. I had always been drawn to math, but I also wanted to engage in something that helped people. Econ helped me find that balance, and interested me enough to pursue it later as a class and a potential career. I loved my Kaleidoscope experience an I know you will, too!


Jessica Bowen

I’m currently a junior at Winston Churchill High School. I love to run cross country and track, as well as travel and explore new places and cultures. Kaleidoscope was an amazing learning experience for me because it allowed me to explore and expand my own personal interests of psychology and physiology, while also giving me insights into fields of study I had no clue I would even be interested in, such as economics. In addition to learning about different social sciences, I also loved how we learned essential skills, such as how to formulate powerful questions and how to effectively make a survey. 


Dayana Chicas Lopez

I am a junior at Northwestern High school. I enjoy listening to music while going on a run in the park. I also have a passion for mathematics, psychology, and law which were reinforced once I joined the Kaleidoscope team! I believe that being part of Kaleidoscope will let you explore your career interests from a perspective in which you have not seen it before. For me, I was surprised to learn that economics is not just numbers, charts, and statistics, it is also based around people *mind blown* (that was me when I found that out). It was truly an amazing experience and something that will be forever in my mind. 


Najá Crockett

I am a senior at The Field School. I am interested in political science, sociology and journalism. Learning more about these interests and how they translate into careers was a great benefit from the Kaleidoscope Fellowship. In addition to learning more about subjects I already have an interest in, I learned communication and digital skills which I have used in class and in building my professional portfolio.


Ariel Derby

I’m a senior at Winston Churchill High School. In my free time, I participate in musical theater, soccer, B’nai Brith Youth Organization, and Best Buddies. My favorite part about the Kaleidoscope Fellowship was meeting countless fascinating guest speakers who introduced me to the various career paths that the social sciences can lead to. Because of these guest speakers, the engaging workshops, the ability to create my own project, and the amazing people, I found the Kaleidoscope Fellowship to be a fun and meaningful experience, and I am so excited to be serving on the Student Advisory Board this year. 


Giovanna Eichner

I am a senior at Winston Churchill High School. My favorite things to do are play in orchestra, run, and bake. Kaleidoscope was a very valuable experience to me, and I learned many skills that will help me both in my future work at school and out of school. My favorite part about Kaleidoscope was how we examined a problem, such as immigration, through the point of view of different social sciences. This not only helped me learn about the social sciences, but also how to apply the knowledge I learn at school in a new and different way.


Naazneen Gill

I’m a senior at National Cathedral School. In my free time, I row on my school’s crew team and I like to hang out with my friends on the Georgetown waterfront. In terms of academic interests, I love history and am really interested in learning more about Environmental Science. I am interested in pursuing Education as a career. I enjoyed many aspects of my Kaleidoscope experience. Moreover, I am especially grateful that I had the opportunity to conduct an independent research project combining two of my interests: Education and Environmental Science.


Hannah Kim

I am a senior at Winston Churchill High School. Outside of school, I dedicate my time doing various volunteer projects and fundraisers for Junior Civitans, work with studio equipment at a homework hotline center, and enjoy reading the Throne of Glass series. Throughout the Kaleidoscope fellowship, my favorite class was the Psychology 101 course. As someone who will soon be going to college, psychology was something I was already very interested in and was a major I was thinking about. However, I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do if I went into that field. After listening to a guest speaker who specialized in that area, I realized the number of careers I could pursue besides clinical therapy. I really valued my time at Kaleidoscope and I know many of you will too!


Leila Wass

I am a senior at National Cathedral School. I’m active in dance, theater, singing groups, and political clubs and I’m also the co-president of NCS’ Model UN Club. My favorite aspects of the Kaleidoscope fellowship were learning more about fields of social science that allow insight into the human condition and delving deeper into practical applications of math through the study of economics. I’m currently taking BC Calculus, but I never considered pursuing math-related fields past high school until participating in the fellowship. Kaleidoscope opened up a whole new world of academic fields for me, and it’s an experience I’ll value forever.