We believe students should graduate high school with:

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But high school doesn't make enough space for these important things:

  • It divides the world into disciplinary classes, which are too narrow to capture the big issues in the world.

  • It stresses "one right answer" calculation over the thinking skills needed to navigate ambiguity.

  • It's anchored on what we've taught in the past rather than what matters and engages today.

  • It offers limited opportunities for you to find and follow an interest, to direct a project from beginning to end, or to develop the self-knowledge and skills needed to be successful.

When we talk to students, we hear:

  • They want to learn more about what's happening in today's world.

  • They want more active learning and less note-taking and test prep.

We are building a new set of courses and experiences that do all this. At the heart of it is what we believe should become the new modern core:

  • Storytelling & Narrative,

  • Problem Solving,

  • Social Studies for Social Problems,

  • Science in Society, and

  • Practical Psychology

Our 2018 summer fellowship was the first step on this journey. In 2018-19, we began piloting our Problem Solving course with a high school in North Carolina. In 2019, we’ll expand our fellowships offered. And in 2019-20, we’ll partner with more schools to offer our courses.